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The Placa, also known as Stradun street, is Dubrovnik's most popular place for people to congregate and take strolls.

It is not only where all public celebrations and processions take place, but it is also the most important commercial thoroughfare in the central part of the city. The street is the widest and most beautiful in the city, serving as a divider between northern and southern halves of the city:

Things to do AT Stradun:

Because this is the most revered and, without a doubt, the most beautiful and elegant town street, it may seem appropriate to compare Dubrovnik's Stradun street with New York's Fifth Avenue or Rome's Via Veneto street.

It is paved with stone blocks polished until they shine like wooden parquet—Stradun is sometimes referred to as a street salon. You will notice that the appearance of the many stores and other establishments in the old town is remarkably consistent.

Do not pass up the chance to check out the Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik:

It was once considered one of the city's most prosperous churches.

A renowned pharmacy can be found here; in fact, it is the third oldest pharmacy still in operation worldwide.

Explore the Onofrio fountain: 

Once you have passed through the Pile gate, you will see, to your right, a magnificent polygonal fountain known as the Onofrio Large Fountain, after the architect who designed it. It would help if you investigated this fountain.

A second fountain, located at the easternmost point of the Stradun and called the Onofrio Small Fountain, can be found there.

Before continuing down the Stradun, you can take a break at this charming little fountain and either sit down or re-energize by splashing your face with the fountain's refreshingly clear water.

The illustrious Sponza Palace is the most notable building:

 While the country was still a republic, this structure housed the customs office, the state mint, and the treasury.

Dubrovnik State Archives are of historical importance:

These archives date back a thousand years and contain many original documents relating to the history of the Dubrovnik Republic. Because of this, the Dubrovnik State Archives are of great importance to studying history.

The Orlando's Column is the most prominent symbol of freedom and independence in Dubrovnik:

It represents statehood, and a state flag flies from its mast.

Throughout the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Libertas movement's flag will be flown high.

Bask in the beauty of the locale:

While you watch people walk by, Stradun is the ideal location to unwind with a cup of coffee, indulge in ice cream, or munch on a quick snack. This popular tourist destination is home to a significant portion of the city's cafe culture.

Narrow side streets emerge on both sides of the main street, the Stradun. Within these narrow side streets, many shops, quaint restaurants, cafés, and shops selling souvenirs are tucked away.

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Address of Stradun

Stradun Old Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik 20000 Croatia

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