Zarkovica Animal Shelter

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You will undoubtedly be greeted by a sizable group of content dogs eager to pet and play with you if you visit Zarkovica. It has a spectacular panoramic view of the Old Town area and is situated atop the Zarkovica hill.

All the dogs, who are cared for by volunteers around-the-clock, are well-socialized, amiable, and ready for adoption. their goal is for every stray Zarkovica dog to get the home they deserve. If you could bring some food or donate to keep this going, that would be great. You can lead them on a leash around the hill; they'll love it.


Use your time judiciously:

We have compassion wired into us from birth. Making some animals happy while having fun with friends makes it even more meaningful.

Adopt a new member of the family:

If you want to expand your family with a four-legged member, visit a shelter to see the pets available for adoption.

Numerous male and female dogs and cats of various breeds, ages, and sizes are waiting to be accepted into devoted homes.

They all have passports, so if you fall in love with a dog or a cat, you can bring them to your country home. The staff at the shelter is happy to help you find a dependable transport service and set up any required veterinary care.

Teach your kids to be sensitive to animals:

Children have a natural affinity for animals. You can foster your child's compassionate behavior by taking them to a shelter where they can interact with animals of various species, including rescued farm animals.

Get to know animals better:

Spend some time with the residents at a shelter; they will be more than happy to share their time and love with you.

Check to see if you can purchase anything they require:

If you have a special occasion, consider donating to a local animal shelter to celebrate with the animals instead of spending a lot of money on dinners. Most animal shelters list the required supplies, including food, medicine, bedding, etc.

Celebrate a pet's memory:

Why not give your pet's accessories, such as leashes, sweaters, bowls, and blankets, to a shelter where the canines staying there can make use of them? Take up your dog's legacy and show your love to the less fortunate animals at a shelter. Your dog gave you their unconditional love for as long as they lived.

Get a shot of motivation:

There are so many problems in our lives, both real and made up.

In our busy lives, it's simple to become preoccupied with unimportant details and overlook the bigger picture. You can change your perspective on life and make you think after just one visit to a shelter.

Find yourself again:

You know those people who are so brimming with energy and enthusiasm that they motivate you to improve yourself? A part of those ''people'' are animals. Innocent, forgiving, trusting; their positive energy is infectious. Relate to them.

Make friends and network with like-minded people:

This shelter is a good place to meet people who care about animals and other animals. While a single visit can help you meet other animal lovers, volunteering a few hours a week can help you meet incredible, like-minded people who are also friends with animals.

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Address of Zarkovica Animal Shelter

Zarkovica ulica, Dubrovnik 20207 Croatia

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