The words calm, quiet, peaceful, and green best describe Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. It is a gentle giant hiding behind the facade of a charming city among the behemoths. This city values simple pleasures; materialism is not exactly one of its strong suits. It is endowed with natural beauty and embellished with thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed infrastructure. The city's cultural diversity lends it a sophisticated touch and makes it the ideal tourist destination.

Islamabad, which translates to 'City of Islam,' is home to the Faisal Mosque, one of the biggest mosques across the world. The mosque has a stylish modernist structure with Mughal aesthetic influences; this design can also be seen on Constitution Avenue, the Star and Crescent Monument, and the Pakistan Monument.

There are several museums in the city for those interested in history and the natural world. The photo museum at Saidpur Village is a useful resource for those interested in the visual history of Islamabad, and it records the city's evolution over time. The Lok Virsa Museum showcases Pakistani culture, while the Golra Sharif Heritage Museum documents the history of the country's railroads, the Pakistan Natural History Museum offers details on the local flora and fauna, and the Pakistan Monument Museum is home to wax figures that depict the Pakistan Movement.

The numerous street food vendors in Islamabad who offer the best of Pakistan's diverse cuisine complement the city's vibrant food scene.

Discover the Aabpara Market to interact with locals and savor regional specialties like Haleem and Biryani, which are renowned for their complex flavors and aromatic spices. Only leave the city with trying some traditional Pakistani sweets; the best are reportedly the walnut and almond nuggets covered in cardamom and sugar.

Whether you want to splurge on opulent local and international brands or search for handicrafts and cultural artifacts to bring home, Islamabad has everything you're looking for. In addition to Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall, the city is filled with markets where you can find whatever you want. The F-6 Markaz and the charming Saidpur Village are particularly well-liked for fine souvenirs.

Islamabad should be visited simply for oxygen. Because it is clean, the lungs won't have to fight to survive. A lot of green space surrounds it due to its location at the base of the Himalayas. Visit Margalla Hills National Park to see rare wildlife and a wide range of flora. Like Lake View Park, the Shakarparian Cultural Complex has plenty of open space for picnics and outdoor leisure.

Visit the Damn-e-Koh viewpoint or climb the Tilla Charouni for beautiful city views and landmarks.

Islamabad is a center of cultural activity but is also unassuming and subdued, much like the climate there. The community's libraries are staffed and fully stocked with books, so you can choose from a wide selection. If movies and film studies inspire you, this is the place for you.

Travelers know that Pakistan exists, yet many still need to take a holiday there. If you're one of those tourists on the fence, you need to reconsider because Pakistan boasts a stunning metropolis like Islamabad.

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