The people of Sialkot are remarkably cordial, and the city seems quietly bustling. It is the thirteenth-largest city in Pakistan's Punjab province. It is almost like this city inhales and exhales history, due to the number of monarchs it has contained within its cultural sphere. This ancient city is also a maze of dense marketplaces and narrow streets. The shrine of Imam Ali ul Haq, known colloquially as Imam Sahib, is located in the historic section of the city. The Tomb Complex is a labyrinth of tiny corridors that lead to numerous saints' shrines. Through a mirrored archway with intricate patterns and Quranic calligraphy, Imam Aliul Haq's mausoleum is on the right.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Clock Tower which is a living reminder of Pakistan’s rich heritage as well. This stunning and well-known Clock Tower that adds to the attractiveness of Sialkot city is located right in the heart of Saddar Bazaar, which unites four highways in one location. The tower's exquisite decorations give the perspective of the city a regal quality. It includes four face clocks with the time of traffic originating from different routes shown on each one.

Sialkot being located in Pakistan also adds to its holistic religious appeal, in terms of the two major religions that have existed there over time, including Islam and Sikhism.

When you google Sialkot, the search results itself would evidently portray an extensive list of Gurudwaras and Mosques that have stood within the city for centuries. One of these stunning religious structures is the Gurudwara Bair Sahib. History reveals that Baba Gurvanank resided here and got familiar with Hamza Ghaus, a renowned elder. There is also a sizable well within this gurdwara that was previously powered by several Persian wheels. A lovely garden contributes to the surrounding architecture's enhancement, along with some also some residential spaces and a pond.

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  • Make sure you carry cash. Pakistan relies largely on cash.
  • For shopping sprees, a local acquaintance or guide might be extremely useful.
  • Keep your documents handy at all times, as well as as many photocopies as possible.
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