Peshawar is the oldest living city in the Southern part of Asia, which is a fun fact that makes it cool enough as a hotspot for mass tourism, as it has witnessed the downfall and uprise of more dynasties than one can count. Being a noteworthy border city, Peshawar's bazaars are the most enticing. There is unceasingly a lot going on. The most captivating of them all is the Kissa Khawani Bazaar (Storytellers Bazaar). Here you may find commodities from all throughout central Asia. In the city, you may find oriental rugs, Afghan ornaments, tribal handicrafts, inlays, spices, and a huge assortment of textiles.

As a first-time visitor or tourist in Peshawar or even Pakistan for that matter, you might need a well-sought itinerary in order to help you navigate the significant sights to see. Commencing with the historic monuments, the Bala Hisar Fort is a must-see archeological wonder. When ownership passed to the Sikhs in the 19th century, the magnificent fort, which had previously served as the residence of the Afghan Durrani royal family, underwent a British-led reconstruction to take on its current appearance. The paramilitary troops of Pakistan are currently headquartered in Bala Hisar, making visits inside challenging, however, there is a public museum there.

While there isn’t a lot to do in terms of assimilating into lively nightlife, visitors can always eat at the local restaurants to savor their taste buds with the spice-culminated Pakistani cuisine, with dishes such as Nihari, Mutton Biryani, Kebabs, and much more. One of the most popular restaurants in Peshawar is the Khyber Charsi Tikka restaurant, situated in a marketplace area inside the main city; the dishes here qualify as being more than delectable due to the way they are prepared.

Furthermore, Peshawar’s location inside Pakistan also guarantees that it would have a rich Islamic history, along with having a myriad of magnificently built mosques. The Mahabat Khan Masjid is one such mosque, that attracts pilgrims from all over the world, due to its unique history.

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  • Several areas bordering on Peshawar (the agencies) are administered by tribal authorities only, and are outside the control of the regular police. Entry to these areas can be dangerous for foreigners.
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