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Karachi residents take great pleasure in the Mohatta Palace Museum, a cultural institution with a global reputation that serves as a symbol of the city's progress and resilience. Formerly the residence of a wealthy Marwari businessman based in Karachi by the name of Rai Bahadur Seth Shivratan Mohatta, the towering structure is situated on a huge estate of around 12,000 square yards. Shivratan Mohatta built this palace in the exclusive Clifton seaside locality in 1927. This palace was built in the Mughal revival style, using a blend of yellow Gizri and pink stone from Jodhpur to evoke the architecture of the Anglo-Mughal palaces. Both the federal government and the Sindh government legally acquired it in 1995. It was decided that a museum showcasing Pakistani and regional artifacts would be housed in this monument. Many previously unseen antiquities from public and private collections were displayed in major exhibitions conducted in this museum. From 1999 to 2005, the museum expanded from three to forty-four galleries. What to look at in Mohatta Palace Museum?

- Yellow Gizri stone and stunning pink Jodhpur stone can both be admired for their beauty. - Observe the unusual design incorporating domes, spandrels, balustrades, louvered shutters, and railings. - The north facade's parapet detail is a unique work of art by artisans of the time. The Mohatta Palace's main front features a lotus flower and a peacock, both of which are worth a closer look. - The Museum also features a number of watercolors painted by Jamil Naqsh. Look at his 1981 work titled 'Woman with Pigeon.' - Sadequain, a notable Pakistani artist, also has several works on display. Check out his painting titled 'The Last Revelation' which was done in oil on canvas. - The bronzes on display in the museum are from the Frere Gardens' Victoria Memorial, which was relocated there before Partition. King Edward, her husband, is honored among symbols of Brittania, Justice, and Equality on the memorial of this museum. In addition to this intricate statue, the park also features a British soldier, four cherubs (perhaps surrounding the fountain), and a nobleman with a regal waistcoat. The memorial is made much more impressive by a pair of bronze lions. - The current Director of the Mohatta Palace Museum, Nasreen Askari, has loaned many textiles from her personal collection for display. Products from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan include accessories from costume and clothing to shawls, rugs, and animal ornaments.

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7 Hatim Alvi Road Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan

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