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Jew Town in Fort Kochi is widely known for its antique shopping sections and is a popular location for visitors looking for antiques. Jew Town is located close to Mattancherry in the city of Fort Kochi.


The guests that come here will unearth some of the most historically significant antiquities that are also in pristine condition:

Many Jews called this location home for some time before relocating back to Israel. Their belongings were brought back to their former glory and are now being offered for sale as antiques in the community. They are like relics from the past because they are sitting there waiting for the right individual to come along and eventually claim them.

Negotiation is a perfectly valid option, and if you are exceptionally skilled at it, you will certainly be able to acquire lovely antiques for a reduced price.

It is essential to keep a sharp lookout for the Big Vaarpu, a large vessel sold in this location with two handles on either side of it.

If you enjoy cooking, going to a Jew town is the perfect place to get spices since they are readily available and have a robust flavor.

If you take a trip through the historic district of the city, you may still be able to see relics of the city's multiethnic history:

Because Jews, Indians, Chinese, Arabs, and Europeans all put their stamp on the history of Jew Town, it has become a paradise for people interested in antiquities. Examples include the Chinese fishing nets that border the coast and the British, Portuguese, or Dutch colonial structures.

Behind the blue walls and the inscriptions that say 'Jewish City,' there are pepper shops and spice stores in the surrounding area.

In addition, you have the opportunity to stroll through these quaint alleys, which are alive with cultural diversity and give off their warmth:

The enchanting neighborhood of Cochin's Jewish Town is known for its colonial residences and its assortment of modest shops. Visitors are always welcome here. The entrances to several stores that sell hand-stitched needlework, kippahs, runners, and other goods like the menorah are marked with signs written in Hebrew.

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Address of Jew Town

Old Cochin, Kochi (Cochin) 682002 India

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