Kerala Folklore Museum

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Folklore Museum is one of the most well-known South Indian historical and cultural antiquities museums housed in Ernakulam (Cochin) on Thevara Ferry Road. It was designed in the Keralan architectural style.

The collections of rare antiques exhibited in the museum today result from Annie George's laborious efforts, which she accomplished with the aid of 62 professional workers. 


• The structure is a narrative of art in itself:

The three-story building's entrance was built using remnants from Tamil Nadu temples from the 16th century, and wooden carvings gathered from Kerala. The entry door is embellished with a superb manichitratazhu, a classic ornamental door lock of Kerala, and the pierced wooden windows represent the Malabar architectural style next to entrance door.

• Visitors can look back and experience their ancestors' lives:

More than 4,000 artifacts can be found at the museum. Traditional jewelry, ceremonial art, musical instruments, and manuscripts containing rare medical and astrological knowledge are some examples of artifacts that still bear the scent of bygone eras.

• Explore all the collections for a wealth of inspiration and information:

Enter the museum's first floor, Kalithattu, which features Cochin architectural design and displays costumes from various Keralan traditional and ritual dance forms, including Theyyam, Kathakali, Ottanthullal, and Mohiniyattam. The second floor, Kanjadalam, or lotus petal, is decorated with enticing mural paintings and a clearly defined ceiling of sixty frames.

Step into the third floor, which symbolizes the Travancore style, after exploring the first two levels. Many dance and cultural events are conducted here. 

• Lovers of art, take note of the art shop:

Folklore Museum assists modern and contemporary artists market their works through the exhibition space. The museum specializes in Indian folk art and offers these priceless items while describing each artifact's age, substance, historical significance, and fair market value. It also provides a provenance certificate and a buyback guarantee for these purchases made from our antique shop.

• Consider buying traditional textiles and go vocal for local:

The Folklore Museum has a separate store to advertise to local customers and aid in the sale of their goods. They offer a wide selection of 100% cotton fabrics, handcrafted goods, Kerala saris, and other all-natural clothing materials.

• Coffee and art are a great combo:

The little coffee business has a vintage feel about it. There is a kitchen museum with a coffee shop to display the vintage kitchenware, ceramics, pottery, and pots and pans used in the traditional Keralan kitchen.

Both tourists and students will find this very educational and useful information.

The coffee shop serves authentic snacks from Kerala, pure organic spices, homemade treats, herbal beverages, tea, and coffee, among other things.

Address of Kerala Folklore Museum

2059C, No 26, Pandit Karuppan Rd, near Thevara Ferry Road, Junction, Kochi, Kerala, India

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