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The Albaicin district in Granada still has the configuration of the old Moorish narrow alleyways.

The region has maintained its historic charm and is the best location to learn about Moorish architecture because of its tidy small roads and well-kept ancient dwellings.

Things to do at Albaicin:

Embrace beauty that stretches far and wide:

The hard climb through the Albaicin to the Church of San Nicolás is worth taking in the breathtaking panorama of the Generalife and Alhambra against the Sierra Nevada.

You may enjoy the breathtaking view of the Alhambra from the Mirador San Nicolas, where there are frequently impromptu performances, and many pubs and restaurants offer al fresco eating with the same backdrop.

Traverse centuries as you walk past the area which is untouched by urbanization:

Although little from this period still exist today, the El Arco de las Pesas, Monaita, and Elvira gates, as well as some crumbling wall remnants, serve as reminders of the Zirid Monarchs' first establishment of their court here in the 11th century. The Church of San Salvador is close by, with a courtyard and an Arabic font. Almost directly in front of it, the Church of San Juan de Los Reyes still has its original minaret from the time of the Nasrids in the 13th century.

Explore the neighbourhood:

The historical neighbourhood of El Albayzn (or Albaicin), which overlooks Granada from a hilltop, is followed by Sacromonte.

Give yourself lots of time to meander, and be ready to become a wanderer:

You can feel Granada's medieval Moorish legacy here as you explore the steep, winding lanes of the Albayzn and take in the ambience of the city's historic Muslim enclave. The cobblestone streets form a maze of whitewashed homes, walled gardens, and tiny squares dotted with taverns and restaurants.

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Address of Albayzin

On the Hillside Opposite the Alhambra, 08010 Granada Spain

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