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One of Granada's best-kept secrets, the Sacromonte caves are now an ethnographic museum called the Sacromonte Caves Museum or Barranco de los Negros. They are also one of the most unusual places to visit in Granada. With its mountain views, meadows, rivers, and mixed ethnic population, including Arabs, Jews, Spaniards, and gipsies, the Sacromonte in Granada offers a unique architectural style known as the cave home.

Things to do at Sacromonte:

Observe the caves arranged in streets-like formations surrounding ravines:

The Sacromonte cave dwellings are a collection of whitewashed caves carved out of the hillside in Sacromonte, Granada's former Gypsy neighbourhood. Each cave has a distinct theme, including a normal home, a stable, a cave for basket weaving, a kitchen, a workshop for pottery, and a workshop for textiles. Together, the caverns depict a life that is so amazing that it is difficult to imagine it.

The ones dedicated to Zambra are the most well-known to visitors; they are large, white, and furnished with bright copper pots.

The caverns in Sacromonte's upper region are in better shape; they contain an entryway that doubles as a kitchen and dining area, as well as one or two bedrooms.

Participate in attending a flamenco show to complete your experience:

In Granada, flamenco has a long history, and the Roma of Sacromonte are credited with creating the city's distinct style of the Andalusian art form. This makes the museum, with its gorgeous surroundings, a particularly excellent location.

The flamenco variation known as zambra, in which the singer also dances, may be seen well at Sacromonte. Zambra Cueva del Roco and Mara la Canastera are two well-known zambra venues. Sacromonte's main street is lined with a half-dozen cave-bars that host evening zambra sessions. Flamenco in a Roma cave is similar to viewing art in situ; it's another chance to have an unforgettable experience in this captivating city.

Soak in beautiful vistas from this site:

The Alhambra towers, the Albaycin's white slopes, the Valparaiso valley, and the River Darro are all visible from the Sacromonte.

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