It was located on the slopes of the Hill of the Sun (Cerro del Sol), which offers a panoramic view over the city and the valleys of rivers Genil and Darro.

The meaning of its name can be interpreted in various ways, including as the Governor's Garden, the Architect's (alarife) Garden, the Vegetable Garden of the Gypsy Festivity Organiser, and so on.

When the monarchs of Granada needed a break from the formal business of the palace, they would go to the Generalife to relax and enjoy themselves away from the royal residence.

Things to do at Generalife:

Learn about the historical value that the place holds:

An inscription from 1319 explains that it was first constructed in the 13th century and that it was later embellished during the reign of King Abu I-Walid Isma'il (1313–1324). The inscription provides this information. This indicates that the Comares Palace was constructed after the Generalife had already been constructed.

Observe the wealth of structures found in the area:

The Generalife comprises two sets of buildings that are joined together by a patio that overlooks an irrigation ditch (Patio de la Acequia).

The architecture of the Generalife lacks any form of decorative excess or points of interest; hence it cannot be considered particularly interesting.

Anticipate how it was weaved into Arabic life in the old days:

The Generalife is the only piece of Arab art that provides us with an approximation of how these gardens once seemed. The river Darro was rerouted using enormous canals that extended to the Generalife to create this expansive and lush land. These gardens were the final resting place of the Arab soul in its sensually impulsive and unplanned building glory.

This was the country seat of the Sultan, as well as the orchard that supplied food to the palaces, and it was also a relaxation area for the nobles. When the monarchs needed a break, they came to these gardens because they knew they would find the private and tranquil setting they sought. There are only a few decorative themes of plasterwork, but they are absolutely fine and tasteful.

Absorb the aesthetic elements of the structure:

The recreation area of the Generalife, which was constructed between 13th and 14th centuries, is located on the slopes of Cerro del Sol and provides stunning panoramas of the surrounding area.

The Acequia Courtyard, filled with vibrant and stunningly attractive vegetation, acts as the point of entry into the property.

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Address of Generalife

Generalife Realejo-San Matias, 18009 Granada Spain

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