Nasrid Palaces

The Nasrid Palace is a gorgeous home that was constructed for the Muslim kings of Spain and is sometimes referred to as the Alhambra's highlight. The palaces' beauty and extravagance give guests the impression that they are in a paradise on earth.

The Nasrid Palace is spectacular in every way and well worth your time thanks to its precisely proportioned chambers, amazing symmetry, intricately sculpted stucco walls, antique timber ceilings, and brightly coloured tiles.

Things to do at Nasrid Palace:

  • Learn about the development and purpose served by the site:

The Palacios Nazares (Nasrid Palaces), a collection of interconnected palaces constructed by the Nasrids, a strong Moorish dynasty that controlled the Emirate of Granada for 260 years, are renowned for their magnificence and distinctive Islamic art. The Nasrid kings lived in the palaces but also utilised them for official functions including administration and meetings with dignitaries from home and abroad.

Over the course of the Nasrid era, the palaces underwent steady change. Many rooms were constructed, extended, and removed throughout this time. As soon as Christian rulers took control of the Alhambra, they too renovated and remodelled the buildings, but fortunately they managed to preserve much of the Alhambra's original Moorish design, including the main buildings, the majority of the architectural features, and the exquisite interior details.

  • You'll be immediately transported to the era of Spanish royalty as you stroll through the charming apartments:

You can travel back in time to the splendour and wealth of Spanish royalty by taking a leisurely stroll through the charming hallways and apartments of this magnificent palace. The Nasrid Palace currently serves as Spain's ideal example of Islamic art and culture. Ten separate palaces can be found in this area of the Alhambra,The Palace of Comares, Lion's Palace, Golden Room Courtyard. Some of them, like the Palacio de Comares and the Palacio de los Leones, are quite well known and still stand today.

  • Study the architectural details:

The palaces are made out of four quadrangular, lavishly adorned chambers with a court in front. While some courts have running fountains, others feature gardens or reflecting pools. The rooms' ceilings are intricately carved, some with mocárabes. The walls surrounding the doorways and windows are decorated with arabesques and Islamic calligraphy. They are arched.

  • Admire the distinctive, opulent complex stands in tribute to the best of Islamic art and culture in Spain:

The Nasrid Palace, a unique example of Moorish-style architecture and craftsmanship, is unmatched anywhere else in the world. The Nasrid, the final Hispanic-Arab governors of Al Andalus, are represented within the walls of these palaces as their delicatessen. The heavenly courtyards are influenced by Arab and Persian architectural styles. Its visual attractiveness is enhanced by the bright water that cascades from the fountains in the courtyards between the marble stones.

  • Explore other similar sites of historical and cultural significance:

In addition to the Nasrid Palaces, the Alhambra is home to numerous other noteworthy structures, including as the Medina, Partal Gardens, and Alcazaba.

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Calle Real De La Alhambra, 18009 Granada Spain

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