TDF Ghar

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TDF Ghar is an ode to the city. The house where Hajiani Hanifa Bai lived in the 1930s is known as TDF Ghar. Located in the historic Jamshed Quarters of Karachi, this oasis offers a welcome respite. The house has been converted into a public area while preserving its historic elements, so you may experience a royal living lifestyle in this once-thriving metropolis. The Dawood Foundation preserved Karachi's history and culture by restoring and renovating this property to aid the local population. TDF Ghar is a public place in Karachi designed to foster informal learning environments. It is a meeting place for folks of many backgrounds to mingle and talk about their customs. The system is designed to function without external support. Rental fees and admission charges help fund the Ghar's upkeep and expansion. How to explore TDF Ghar?

- As soon as you step inside the mansion, you will feel a deep connection to the thriving past of the city. - This beautiful museum, which has been restored with the original fittings, is sure to capture you with its fascinating collection of antique furniture and other artifacts. - Meetings, interviews, workshops, and presentations can all benefit from the Training Room's state-of-the-art amplification and projection capabilities. Participate in an awakening community event that will help you learn to respect the rights of people of other faiths, cultures, and racial backgrounds. - The upper level of TDF Ghar is home to three unoccupied multi-purpose spaces known as Numaish Halls, which are ideal for hosting exhibitions, movie screenings, major meetings, workshops, and presentations. - As you look over the Mazar from the Ghar's rooftop, they can reflect on Quaid-e-Azam and his secular vision for Pakistan. TDF Ghar's rooftop design, using handcrafted, antique Jamsheed Nusserwanji tiles, is worth visiting just for the view of Mazar-e-Quaid. - The Sehan Café is a tiny café located on the veranda of TDF Ghar's rear. It incorporates the bentwood seats typical of the Irani cafés for which Karachi is known. Sip a cup of traditional Irani tea served here while admiring the extravaganza around.

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M. A. Jinnah Rd Near Mazar-e-Quaid, Karachi, Pakistan

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