Bosphorus Strait

One of Turkey’s most breathtaking pieces of land features shorelines that rise to 200 meters (650 feet) in height and are dotted with palaces, ruins, towns, and gardens. The Bosphorus Strait is an important location on the world nautical map since it is a bustling waterway that regularly hosts several ships and oil tankers in addition to local fishing and passenger boats. It spans the Dardanelles Strait, the Marmara Sea, and the Black Sea and is referred to as Bogazici in Turkish.

Things to do at Bosphorus Strait:

  • Watch the marine life, and associated trades take place: The Bosporus strait, which connects the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, is where fishing occurs. Due to the seasonal movement of fish between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, the diversity of fish found in the strait varies with the time of year. Along with hosting fish, the strait serves as an ecological conduit for the bidirectional movement of numerous marine creatures between the two waterbodies.

  • Deep dive into historical monuments as you sail along: Taking a journey on one of the coastal boats is the greatest way to experience the Bosphorus in all its grandeur. Along the Strait are numerous well-known Ottoman structures, fortifications, neighborhoods, and palaces, including the Galata, Dolmabahce Palace, Ortaköy, Rumeli stronghold, Besiktas, Istinye, Kanlica, Arnavutköy, Tarabya, Sariyer, Ciragan Palace, Bebek, Beykoz, Yeniköy, and Yildiz Palace.

  • Climb up to get a bird’s eye view: Galata Tower is a historical location essential to your journey. You can observe the picturesque Istanbul vista at the top of the tower. From the 63-meter-high tower’s summit, you may capture stunning images, and pictures taken in front of the tower have a distinctive aura. You can climb a hill to get to the Hisarüstü after seeing the Bosphorus line, where you can take beautiful images and experience calm.

  • Meet up at Ortaköy: Because Ortaköy is situated directly beneath the European foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, it is the best place to enjoy the magnificent bridge view up close. With its well-known nightclubs, pubs, lovely cafes, restaurants, the pier square, and kumpir shops, Ortaköy is one of the most well-liked gathering places.

  • Be at ease if you are hungry: Start your journey of the Bosphorus Strait from the Rumeli Hisar Fortress after sampling traditional Turkish meze and other delights on the boat at the dock. Savor a lunch of grilled chicken and traditional meze on a tour boat. With mimosas that open in late April and mid-May and become a must-see, the Bosphorus, which gives a distinct beauty with each season, is converted into a regal avenue.

  • Enjoy the unforgettable Turkish Night Show: An additional worthwhile and enjoyable experience is an Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with a Turkish Night Show. Enjoy the Bosphorus’ special beauty throughout the cruise, which lasts about 3.5 hours. You can participate in events like watching a belly dancer perform, watching a whirling dervish spectacle, and experiencing other aspects of Turkish culture.
  • imageDuration Required
    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Bosphorus Strait

Istanbul 34122 Turkey

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