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Istanbul's most recognizable hill is home to Topkapi Palace, which serves as the city's emblem. Visitors can get to know the Ottoman Empire's Sultans better because it is opulent, decadent, and steeped in history.

Topkapi Palace, also known as Cannongate Palace, is situated on Seraglio Point, a peninsula that overlooks the Marmara Sea, the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn, an ideal position for a fortified structure.Inside the palace, some of its ruins are still discernible. The palace's architecture astounds with its strength and monumentality.

Things to do at Topkapi Palace:

  • Travel to the world's oldest and largest palace:

According to legend, Topkapi Palace is still the most significant and oldest palace. Since its construction in 1465, the palace has served as home to innumerable Sultans, servants, concubines, and members of the royal family. As you move about, the past is all around you.

  • Click impressive Instagram images:

Who doesn't want to find incredible locations for photos? Well, Topkapi Palace has plenty to offer! Walls with gold trim and brilliant blue tiling. There are breathtaking photo opportunities everywhere you turn. The Harem has the most Instagrammable location overall, thanks to its stunning and intricately painted walls.

  • Gain cultural insight into Turkey:

In 1465, this palace was constructed. That implies that its walls conceal hundreds of years of Turkish history. Simply by exploring, one might discover so much about Turkey's history and culture. The museum is home to items from numerous historical periods and extensive historical records of the various Sultans living there. Libraries, worship spaces, libraries, and a variety of other areas include Turkish art. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn about Turkish culture.

  • Take in the stunning architecture and artwork:

Everywhere you turn, there is another area to explore, from stunning entrances with gold arches to soaring dome ceilings with beautiful colors. Bedrooms, guest rooms, and living spaces all have windows, which are incredible in terms of architecture.

  • It's a palace and a museum too:

There's no need to decide between seeing a palace or a museum! Here, you may simultaneously do both. Walking through the Topkapi Palace's hallways gives you the impression that you are a part of the enigmatic, grand history that took place here throughout the mighty Ottoman Empire's long existence. By visiting the museum housed within the Topkapi Palace's walls, one may see the magnificence of this Turkish palace today from the inside. Its décor and artifacts will astound you. For example, in the royal kitchens, you can see a priceless collection of china that ranks third in the world (12,000 pieces) and jewels from the home treasury.

  • Immerse yourself in history enthusiasm:

History enthusiast? This is the perfect location for you! Countless Ottoman sultans and their numerous wives and concubines have resided in this palace over the years. It has been transformed into a remarkable (and extremely extensive) museum with beautifully maintained libraries, prayer rooms, servant quarters, living spaces, cookware, clothing, artwork, and much more.

  • Explore the complex and beautiful harems:

Did you know the Arabic term for 'harem' means 'forbidden'? The Sultan and his sons resided here at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, along with all the household women (often as many as 1000 women).The Imperial Hall is one of 300 rooms. The Sultan would sit on his golden throne here at important receptions and banquets held in the complex's largest dome.

  • Stroll around in the nearby gardens:

Don't forget to see the gorgeous park erected right outside after (or before) your trips to the palace! There are ponds, bridges, and various lovely trees and flowers, and it's a wonderful location for a picnic or a stroll.

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Address of Topkapi Palace

Cankurtaran Mahallesi Gulhane Park, Near Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul 34122 Turkey

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