Ortakoy is consistently the busiest place and has the most energy. 

It is the ideal neighborhood since it combines popular restaurants, historical sites, and modern entertainment. 

Things to do at Ortakoy:

  • Act touristy by soaking in the culture at Ortakoy Square:

In the daytime, Ortakoy Square is bustling with people and pigeons. Stroll about the square, observe the crowd, take a break, and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at one of the many cafés and restaurants next to the water while listening to the Bosphorus. From the coast of Ortakoy, next to the Ortakoy Mosque, you can also board the boats for a Bosphorus tour.

Visitors can purchase a range of handicrafts, souvenirs, used books, beautiful products, and more. 

  • Delve in spirituality at the Mosque in Ortakoy (Buyuk Mecidiye)

Of the late Ottoman mosques, Ortakoy Mosque is the most well-known. 

This mosque is a beautiful fusion of Ottoman traditional architecture and baroque and neoclassical styles. It boasts of lovely architecture and appears to float on water. 

  • Spend some moments of silence at the church:

The Agios Fokas Orthodox Church is one of Ortakoy's most recognizable historical structures. The church's bell tower instantly strikes people entering the neighborhood from the main street.

  • Feel like royalty at The Esma Sultan Estate:

Visiting the 18th-century Esma Sultan Estate is worthwhile. It is a very attractive structure near Ortakoy Mosque that was constructed as a wedding gift for Esma Sultan, the daughter of Sultan Abdulaziz, after her union with Cerkez Mehmet Pasha. The Marmara Collection eventually bought the estate in the 1990s, refurbished it, and now rents it for events like weddings and meetings.

  • Experience the heritage sites like the Ortakoy Hammam:

It is the first building constructed in Ortakoy following the arrival of the Turks. The Turkish bath has been restored and is currently used as a real restaurant.

  • Explore the alleys on foot and expect to spot your favorite celebrity: 

This is mostly because the Bosphorus shore's most picturesque sights can be found along this strolling route. This advice may interest you if you are from a nation where Turkish TV programs are popular. It is possible to run into Turkish celebrities on this path because Bebek is the neighborhood in Istanbul where many writers, musicians, and TV personalities reside. 

  • Paint the town red as the clock ticks midnight:

The nights of Ortakoy are vibrant. On the shores of Ortakoy and the close-by Kurucesme coast, there are reputable and well-liked nightclubs. Celebrities and foreign tourists commonly patronize upscale nightclubs where entertainment lasts all night.

  • Work up an appetite for sinful indulgences:

Luxurious eateries, well-known, high-quality restaurants, and cafes that are popular with visitors and residents are all available in Ortakoy. You will find every type of food or drink, as well as Turkish and international cuisine, to suit your tastes. Additionally well-known are the bakeries, cafes, and tea gardens that overlook the Bosphorus in Ortakoy. The House Cafe is a well-liked location to take advantage of its summer garden and Sunday brunch. Many locals like to purchase baked potatoes from the many cafes and enjoy them while admiring the stunning views of the Bosphorus.

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