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As far as the meaning of the word ‘versatile’ can be taken into consideration, Alsancak exemplifies perfection at its highest possible level. It is notable for the Kordon's promenade, which extends along the water's edge and reaches along the coast of the Gulf of Izmir startling displays.


Things to do at Alsancak:

  • Be at crossroads with everything that the city has to offer: It is a busy and exciting neighborhood conveniently located in the middle of the city, has historic sites, and offers outstanding local facilities and convenient access to transit channels.
  • Say yes to cosmopolitan life here: If you want to participate in a sophisticated social lifestyle and be in the epicentre of cultural and entertainment activities, this is the location you should be in. Its lively streets and nightlife, as well as the numerous hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs, discos, and countless other entertainment venues, are highly popular with the younger expats and ones who prefer leisure delights and laid-back excursions.
  • Marvel at this beauty: You could spend the whole day describing this neighborhood, and you would not be finished by the end of the day! Izmir's terraced coastlines, residences, and seaside promenade provide a glimpse of the best city life has to offer and represent what Izmir is most well-known for.
  • Find solace in splurging and curating crafted articles: If shopping is your mantra, you should head to Plevne Boulevard or Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey street, where, after a few hours of shopping in both local and international shops. Pass the time by browsing the unique boutiques that are meticulously designed and welcoming you with pleasantries.
  • Let the master chefs treat you to indulgent delicacies: Spend the evening at La Puerta, sampling all their different cocktails in their outdoor beer garden. Afterward, head to Alsancak Dostlar F'rn', a family-run bakery that offers the city's famed pastry ‘boyoz’ with boiled eggs and sizzling hot ‘cay’ (tea).
  • Bonus: If you find yourself at Alsancak for a late brunch, head over to Tuzu Biberi, which is located just across from the Alsancak ferry terminal, and order the complete Turkish breakfast (also known as ‘serpme kahvalti’) along with limitless piping hot cay.
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Address of Alsancak

Izmir Turkey

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