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The Agora Open Air Museum, a part of the historical fabric of the city home to numerous cultures and strata, is located in the heart of Izmir. The fact that ‘muse’ appears in the word ‘museum’ is no accident.

Find time in your calendar to visit Agora Open Air Museum, which strives to inspire, amuse, and engage guests.


Things to do at Agora Open Air Museum:

  • Witness the extraordinary setting for a museum that intimidates nature and humans alike:

The Agora Izmir Remains Museum has three levels and is surrounded by a sizable marble quadrangle supported by Roman arches and columns. The fact that the Izmir remains are outdoors, in an open space, separates them from other museums. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most archaeological locations contributing significantly to Izmir's tourism industry.


  • Learn about the evolution of the site across generations:

The name ‘agora’ literally translates to ‘market,’ and the Izmir Museum, which has several statues and archaeological artifacts that depict the way of life in that era, was formerly a government facility for political organizations and people's tribunals. The world's greatest collection of Greek graffiti, which depicts scenes from Hellenistic and Roman daily life, is another of Agora's fascinating discoveries. It is preserved and is thought to have been produced during the second and fourth century A.D. There are over 1500 graffiti on the walls have been painted or carved and have endured for 2,000 years.

  • Travel back in time with antiquities by passing through the marble colonnades:

The Agora (meaning marketplace) Open Air Museum is an interesting view of a storied history since it has many diverse cultural and historical struggles in a short space. On these trips, you may see the temples, an old concert theatre, and the Stoa of Attalos and its relics.

In the Agora expeditions, layers from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires may be seen. Visitors traveling along Faustina road, which passes via the Northwestern gate and leads to the docks, are drawn in by the Roman Bathhouse that was just discovered during the most recent Agora excavation.

The Namazgah district's Agora ruins were formerly a cemetery. Hence there are plenty of gravestones made by local artisans there.

The Ottoman gravestones may still be seen at the site even though the bodies were moved to a separate location.

  • Spend some time in front of monuments, thinking about how they were created and their function at the time.

You may enter and take a brief tour of the Agora Museum's ruins in Izmir right away to get to know the areas of the location that are home to many intriguing historical monuments. The statues of Poseidon and Demeter, which are the museum's most prominent exhibits, may be found there.


  • Explore the neighborhood:

If you are hungry during this time, you can dine outside in the area, where several eateries serve delectable cuisines. The Izmir Clock Tower may be visited after a 13-minute walk and an 8-minute drive.

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Address of Agora Open Air Museum

Namazgah mah , Tarik Sari SokagI No:29, Izmir 35240 Turkey

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