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The country of Turkey has a very long coastline and is surrounded by water on three of its sides. It is common knowledge that the Kordon is teeming with a diverse array of life and culture. The reshaped shoreline of Izmir's famous Kardon, often referred to as Kordonboyu, has served as the subject of a significant amount of poetry and song lyrics. In some circles, it is also referred to as the 'pearl of the Aegean'.

It is the spot to go if you want to witness its blue bay, green coast, sunset, and ships coming into the bustling port and taking off again to unload their passengers and welcome a new group. In Izmir, Kordonboyu plays a very significant and noticeable role in the city. 

Things to do in Kordonboyu: 

  • Escape the hustle bustle of the metropolitan: The neighbourhood of Kordonboyu is well-known for its wealth of grassy areas, vast jogging pathways, and calm away from the commotion of the city. Due to its closeness to the beach, the area benefits from having expansive open views as well as the fresh air that comes with being near the ocean. 
  • Take a stroll to resonate with the sights: Kordon Boyu is Izmir's most recommended location for watching the sun go down. You are welcome to kick back and relax on the grass, watch the sun go down while conversing with other people, and listen to young musicians who are just starting out in their careers.
  • Experience the solace that can be found in food here: The entire length of the strip is robust with a diverse selection of eateries, taverns, and cafés. You have the option of eating at one of the street vendors who sell traditional filled mussels, or you may go to one of the more elegant restaurants in the area that serves a broad variety of dishes, mainly seafood. Both options are available to you. You have the option of going for a ride in one of the charming horse-drawn carriages as well.
  • Explore the famous sites nearby: The city of Izmir is encircled by the Kordonboyu like a necklace, and the Konak Square may be reached after a short stroll along the Kordon. You may find the icon that symbolises Izmir in the exact centre of the Konak Square. 
  • Watch locals go about their life: From the late Ottoman clock tower, which Goodwin described as a ''mauresque bibelot,'' to the open air city bus station, people waiting for a bus or ferry boat to Karsiyaka mingle with strollers enjoying the Imbat. You may find the shops of Izmir's Bazaar a short distance away, dispersed among a complex network of winding alleys and crowded courtyards.It is possible to purchase here, for a price that is significantly lower than the item's value on the market, anything from new flowers to old antiques.
  • Mingle with people and get involved in cross-cultural appreciation: In the evenings, when the sea air blows, it brings with it a pleasant, soothing breeze as well as an attractive sight. Spend some time getting to know the locals and exploring the city together.
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Izmir Turkey

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