While at Kadifekale, let yourself be taken to a different generation in time. Learn the identities of the people who formerly called the house with its reinforced walls and doors with shutters home by delving into its history.

The term Kadifekale, which translates to ''the velvet castle'' in Turkish, refers to both the hill that can be found inside the metropolitan area of Izmir, Turkey and the name of the old castle found on top of the same hill.

Kadifekale is primarily distinguished by the fusion of cultures woven into its fabric, with the castle bearing the town's name as its crowning feature.

What is left of this once-glorious castle now is a mysterious collection of remains that includes towers, gateways, arches, decrepit baths, a mosque, and a cistern.

Things to do at Kadifekale:

  • Get an insight into the ruins:

This ancient city was established in the fourth century B.C. by one of Alexander the Great's generals. It is perched on the Pagos hills at 186 meters above sea level and overlooks the Gulf.

As the city was under Roman control in 133 BC, Roman and Byzantine influences can be seen on the ruins of Kadifekale Cathedral, and the remains of bridges can also be seen Aquatic stadium and theatre. The city's location in this place is probably due to the military and commercial needs of the developing era on land and sea at that time. Since the city was under Roman control in 133 BC, the city was also under Roman control in 133 BC. 

  • Get a stunning view that overlooks the hills:

The summit on which the castle is situated is approximately two kilometers away from the water's edge. From this vantage point, one can see a considerable portion of the city of Izmir and the waters of the Gulf of Izmir. Its demeanor is enlivened by sun-bleached meadows and verdant droves, while the expanse of the Gulf of Izmir merely contributes to the area's ethereal quality.

  • The neighborhood will let you, deep dive, into ancient structures and ruins:

There are a few other noteworthy sights in the neighborhood that you can see, such as a series of aqueducts called Vezirsuyu, and from there, you can see the enormous relief of Atatürk.

If you inquire about going to Sirinyer, you will see another set of these ancient aqueducts on your right, known as the Kzlcullu aqueducts. These monuments are relics from Izmir's historical history, nonetheless. '

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Izmir Turkey

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