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Izmir has successfully welcomed a variety of cultures throughout the years, and as a result, it has created a legacy that both its residents and visitors may enjoy. The lift is among the most representative instances of this heritage. Two elevators in the well-known Asansör brick and tile building take visitors to the top floor, where they may enjoy a stunning view of Izmir's coastline. The 105-year-old elevator is still used today as a café, bar, and restaurant with a distinctive perspective that draws many visitors. 

Things to do at Tarihi Asansor: 

  • Observe how innovation was deployed in history: Before the elevator was built, those who wanted to go up and down in the region had to choose between walking a considerable distance or climbing 155 stairs, both of which were time-consuming. The personification of contemporary individuals attempting to serve their community is captured in a tall, Italianate, distinctive structure on the shore of Izmir, Turkey. It was constructed in 1907 in Karatas, an area of Izmir's Konak district, as an alternative to the 155-step staircase leading from Halil Rifat Paşa to Mithatpaşa Avenue, which runs parallel to the coast. 
  • The Asansör is an impressive building that does two tasks at once: It facilitates the passage of people and products from one neighboring area to another as well as the movement of cargo up the steep coastline that is reached by water from the west.
  • Admire the view from the top: The ancient elevator is the ideal building for an unrivaled view of the Gulf of Izmir because it has an upper promenade. It has huge binoculars made of metal and can bring distant objects, such as buildings and landscapes, into clearer focus. Since then, a modern elevator has been installed in its place, although the building itself has not changed. The elevator is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing in its design and construction. 
  • Take it up for some wonderful photo possibilities: You may see antique homes and elaborate staircases in the upper streets of the neighborhood. It's one of the most upscale in the city and offers a drink and a bite to eat. Bring a jacket with you since the wind may pick up rather swiftly. 
  • Stop at the outdoor restaurant located at the elevator's exit: You may have a full dinner or a drink at this wonderful café-restaurant, which can be found on the internet. 
  • Walk through the alleys where the world-renowned artist was nurtured and nourished: In addition, there is a quaint ancient street at the base of the elevator that was named for Dario Moreno, an internationally renowned singer who is originally from Izmir. The charming old street is also worth exploring.'
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