İzmir Clock Tower

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The most well-known structure in Izmir is the clock tower, which is frequently used to represent the city.

The clock tower's convenient location close to attractions like the Kemeralt Bazaar, Konak Pier, Agora Open Air Museum, and the Izmir Archaeology & Ethnography Museum is an added advantage.

Things to do at Saat Kulesi: 

  • Try to sneak a peek behind Izmir's biggest analog clock faces: The tower, which has four stories and a height of 25 meters, was one of several clock towers constructed simultaneously across the Ottoman provinces in line with Sultan Abdülhamid II's wishes. Among Ottoman clock towers, it is regarded as the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The clock tower looks spectacular in the evening when the four clock faces are illuminated. Pigeons gather close to the tower on any given day, attracted by tourists or bystanders who buy a cup of bird feed from vendors in the area.

  • Get photographed close to this monumental structure: The clock tower, which has come to represent Izmir, was featured from 1983 to 1989 on the reverse of Turkish 500 lira banknotes. The columns have Moorish-inspired patterns, and there are four fountains with three water taps, each arranged in a circle around the foot of the tower. 

  • Explore the neighborhood: Konak Mosque is located across from the clock tower (Cami). The mosque and clock tower stand in dramatic contrast to the neighborhood's contemporary structures, many of which house the city's administrative offices. A pedestrian sky bridge connecting to Konak Pier, a small commercial center with many beachfront restaurants and cafés, is located just past the mosque.

  • Shop and stroll in the alleys of Kemeralti Bazaar: One of the entrances to the Kemeralt Bazaar is located just behind the clock tower. On weekends, there is a lot of activity on the large pedestrian walkway between the Konak Ferry Terminal and Konak Pier. There is a designated bike lane with bikes for rent between the tramway and the ferry.

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Address of İzmir Clock Tower

Kuleli Sokak, Izmir Turkey

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