Birgi Cakiraga Mansion

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It is one of the rare mansions in the Aegean region whose original architectural style has been preserved as it was during the earliest period of construction and settlement.

After being in a damaged state for several years, it was finally repaired and made into a museum in the early 1990s.


Things to do at Birgi Cakiraga Mansion:

  • Visit one of the few remaining Aegean mansions in the region and learn about its history: When you enter the Birgi Cakiraga Mansion with its wooden doors, you will be greeted by a moment frozen in time once you step inside. The walls are filled with eye-catching artwork and intricate woodwork, and the property features a verdant and colorful garden that flourishes in the sun all year round.


  • This is a specimen of a house overlooking the breath-taking vistas of the town: The Mansion is an essential source in Turkish architecture for comprehending the day-to-day life of the Ottoman Empire. There are three floors in the home, and each one exudes its distinct personality and allure. There are stables for the horses used by the military on the bottom floor of the building. The bedrooms are situated on the first floor, each with tasteful furnishings and a sophisticated design. Originally, these rooms would have been rather luxurious. The upper story of the building features jaw-droppingly high ceilings and a breathtaking perspective of the bustling streets below.


  • It is a specimen of honest luxurious living: The Mansion, one of the most stunning specimens of traditional wooden Turkish architecture, can be found at the very end of a garden decked out in floral arrangements. Additionally, the garden is concealed from the road by tall walls surrounding it. The hand-drawn designs on the walls and ceilings of the rooms are one of the rooms' most notable features, along with the wood carving.


  • Stroll through the winding alleys to pick local produce for its unparalleled quality: Many prominent bazaars or open-air markets can be found in the Aegean Sea region. These markets provide a wide variety of fresh goods, including fruits and vegetables, at affordable prices. You might be able to get the best and most recent versions of many local products if you buy them directly from the manufacturer. Some examples of these products include fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits made from local fruits like apple, orange, and persimmon, local dairy products, and olive oil.
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Address of Birgi Cakiraga Mansion

Kurtgazi Mah. Sehit Gurol Madan Cad. No:36 Birgi, Odemis, Izmir Turkey

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